Introduction to DIMFLASH Technology

Innovative OBD vehicle unlocking solution

Released new solutions for unlocking in OBD Dr. MG1CS001, MG1CS011 and MG1CS111 ECUs. Improve the performance of your VAG vehicles with 1.0L, 1.5L and 2.0L petrol engines.
Thanks to the easy connection to the diagnostic port, you don't need to remove the ECU from the vehicle: simply connect the Flex's OBD cable to download a virtual read from our database and unlock the control unit.
In addition to writing maps, the protocol also includes a "Write Maps and Code" feature to fully program ASW+ maps. With this new software update, we launch a dedicated version for MDG1 VAG ECU OBD unlocking. This new batch of protocols allows you to work on any type of ECU, regardless of its year of production, so you will be able to program in OBD, even ECUs created after July 2020 (currently not supported in Bench):